ESG & Impact Investing Forum 2024

Opal Group is happy to announce the return of the 10th annual ESG & Impact Investing Forum. ESG and Impact investing is an approach that seeks to create positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Today, we see an increase in companies increasing their mission-driven and communication along ESG principles, to attract a values based workforce, investor base, and like-minded consumer. Impact investing strategies are proving to be able to generate returns in line to their traditional counterparts. Over the next three decades, it is estimated that over $68+ trillion will transfer from baby boomers to Millennials. As we move to the next generation of investors, we are finding more companies aligning their beliefs, operation, and communication strategies with that of the Millennials & Gen X.

The ESG & Impact Investing Forum will look at many of the asset classes that encompass this space. We invite you to join us and meet top influencers, experienced investors, money managers, and service providers that are leading the charge in this ever growing space. Themes of defining impact investing, portfolio construction, asset class opportunities, comparing ESG vs Impact trends and the role of the investor are just a few of the stimulating topics to be covered at this event.

Event Details
March 17, 2024 - March 19, 2024
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